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Is a Duo Worth It?


I’m D, the Editor of the Twitter fan page Working Girls in the SiXXX (@workinggirlssixxx). Working Girls in the SiXXX (WG6) is dedicated to celebrating the Twitter content of the incredible Canadian sex worker community in all its beautiful glory. I am a male fan of the industry.

Hi all,

I’m sure you’ve all looked at the webpages of spas, agencies and independent escorts to see what their prices are. And while you’re there, you’ve probably come across prices for duo sessions … And they’re usually quite a bit more than the standard rate. You’ve probably asked yourself – Is it worth it?

We have the answer – FUCK, YEAH!

duo session
Is a duo worth it? Easy answer – hell, yeah!

Today’s blog entry is all about why you should get a duo at least once in your life.

For those relatively new to seeing sex workers who may not know what a duo is, let’s take a second to clarify. It’s seeing two providers at the same time. You know all those porn videos you’ve seen where the guy is doing it with two girls at once? That! You can do that!

But why am I so adamant that you should do it? Because if you’re on this page, you probably have a pretty decent sex drive. And you appreciate the idea of an incredibly attractive woman taking care of your sexual desires.

If you’re on this page, you probably already have a pretty decent appetite for beautiful women taking care of your sexual desires…

Well at one point or another, you are very likely to add “threesome with two girls” to your sexual bucket list. It’s just one of those things that you’re eventually going to want to experience. And until you do, you’re always going to wonder if it lives up to the hype. You’re ALWAYS going to wonder how good it is.

And I, in all good conscience, cannot have you go to your grave never having experienced this erotic pleasure at least once. It’s just not right. Because, let me tell you, it’s better than you think it’s gonna be!

Let’s get you started on arranging it because … no regrets!

The first things you’ll want to do is figure out what you’re hoping to get out of the session and who you want to have it with?

Ask yourself what you’re looking for in a duo? Is it to have a steamy session that progresses how it progresses? Or is it to accomplish a checklist of activities that you’ve always dreamed of having done by two women.

What is it that you’re looking for in a duo?

The first approach is great in that you’ll have a session filled with kinky passion and the women will have the room to do some of their best work. The only risk, is if you’ve always wanted to do something and it doesn’t happen … Well, you’ll just have to book another session.

In this approach it’s best to pick a sex worker that you’ve seen in person or online who makes it clear that she loves working with other women. Let her pick her partner and you’re bound to be happy with the way things progress. She’ll feel more comfortable with whoever she chooses – a friend, colleague or perhaps even a girlfriend. The two of them will have an already built rapport of sexuality that you will definitely enjoy. You can still let her know a couple things you want to do and it’s most likely they’ll try to accommodate them.

You can pick providers to satisfy any desire you may have…

The second approach is fun in that you can plan it ahead of time in your fantasies. Have you always wanted two busty blondes at the same time? Book ’em! A busty blonde and a petite Asian? Go for it? A pair of fit girls in schoolgirl uniforms? Ok! The sky is your limit! Pick your girls!

Because they may not have worked together before, they may be a bit akward around each other at first … Which could be fun on its own as everyone gets to know each other.

Now you can tell them what you’d like as you progress or let them know right at the beginning. It’s also usually good to check with both to see what they’re comfortable with before you start as well.

Now, here’s the best part – all the stuff you can do with a pair of girls that you will 100% love!

(Keep in mind to have lots of condoms on hand. Sometimes the women don’t like to exchange fluids with other providers any more than they do you. Every time you penetrate one, you may need a new condom to penetrate the other. Everyone’s gotta be safe!)

Making out with two different girls is fun as hell!

Kissing: Kissing each of them and feeling their different make out techniques is so hot! Watching them kiss each other if off the charts sexy! A duo, just for that reason, is worth it!

Eye contact from two women while getting head … Incredible!

Getting Your Dick Sucked: Having two girls between your thighs taking turns between sucking your head, taking your dick all the way down their throats and then kissing each other is heavenly. Imagine both of them making eye contact with you the entire time.

Take turns going down on them.

Going Down on Them: You and one of the girls can go down on the other one together … And then you can all switch places and eat out the other girl. They love having their pussies licked … And licking other pussies (if you picked girls who are enthusiastically bi.) You can also be the superstar and lay them both down side by side and lick one while you play with the other one’s clit with your finger. And then lick the other one while stimulating the first one with your digits. Two women laying beside each other moaning in ecstasy is unbelievable. And you won’t soon forget it!

Fucking Them: Bending them over side by side and taking turns fucking them – one then the other – incredible. Cannot be beaten! You can also have them take turns riding you! Amazing!

Taking turns on who’s doing who while licking who – yes, please!

Mixing it Up: One can ride your face while the other one rides your dick. Or you can fuck one while she is eating out the other. The combinations are endless and the pleasure is exquisite!

Two’s company, three’s a party!

Showering Together: Three in the shower together – amazing! Soapy sexy handjobs, wet blowjobs, fucking one while the other lathers you up. Mmmmm.

Cumming: Ask first … but on their tits, on their asses, on their bellies or even on their faces. Unbelievable! And then, can you go again???

So, after picturing all that happening to you, what is your answer? Is it worth it the extra cost?

Maybe do it as a once in a lifetime thing – just so you’ve experienced it. Maybe do it every year on your birthday. Get a promotion at work – celebrate with a pair of beautiful ladies! Or, if money is an issue, skip a session and then reinvest that money next time in a duo.

Investing in a duo with two gorgeous sex workers is money well spent.

I cannot stress this enough, it is money well spent! And something you will always remember fondly.

Until next time!

— D at @workinggirlssix


I’m D, the Editor of the Twitter fan page Working Girls in the SiXXX (@workinggirlssixxx). Working Girls in the SiXXX (WG6) is dedicated to celebrating the Twitter content of the incredible Canadian sex worker community in all its beautiful glory. I am a male fan of the industry.