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It’s the Weekend & You’re Horny – Pick Up at a Bar or Go to a Massage Parlour?


I’m D, the Editor of the Twitter fan page Working Girls in the SiXXX (@workinggirlssixxx). Working Girls in the SiXXX (WG6) is dedicated to celebrating the Twitter content of the incredible Canadian sex worker community in all its beautiful glory. I am a male fan of the industry.

The weekend is the best! It’s a great way to relieve the stress of the work week. And the best way to relieve this stress … is by having sex!

The best way to relieve the stress of the week is by having sex on the weekend!

Now for guys in a relationship, if you’re looking for some sex this weekend, there’s a pretty good chance you can get it at home!

But for single guys (and some guys in relationships) the best part of having sex on the weekend is having it with someone you don’t know. If you’re not in a relationship by choice, noncommittal sex is the way to go.

But when the weekend comes and you’re looking to have some fun … without any strings attached … you’ve only got a couple options. Your two main choices are: picking someone up in a bar / club or going to an erotic massage parlour.

Picking someone up from a site like Tinder is a whole other can of worms we’ll look at another time.

How about an escort???

Now, you might be thinking “what about an escort?” Unfortunately, a lot of the time, their schedule is booked up days or even weeks in advance. If you haven’t planned your weekend fun that far in advance, this option is pretty unlikely.

Too bad too because there are some real gorgeous ladies willing to do some stuff I’m sure you’d like! (Hint! Hint! There’s always next weekend!)

That brings us back to the original two options – girl from a bar or a spa girl.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of both … starting with the girl at the bar. A random at the bar certainly has some good points. For one, you don’t have to pay for the sex – always nice! There’s a chance she could be a really good looking lady.

You get to have some fun drinking and listening to music before you take off with her. And maybe, just maybe, she could end up being your soulmate, you fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Nice!

Have you heard of the term “beer goggles?”

Or she could have syphilis and it starts to burn when you piss.

There really are so many cons for picking someone up in a bar. Sure, it doesn’t cost anything … But how much did you spend on booze – for yourself and on her?

Also, when you drink, do you always make the best choices? I’m sure you’ve heard the term “beer goggles.” She might look succulent like Kate Upton when you’re drunk … But when you’re sober, you wouldn’t even fuck her with your friend’s dick!

Plus, you may end up having to go to her place … And who knows who she lives with – roommates who hate when she brings random guys home, a jealous ex-boyfriend, her parents. Just know that it is very unlikely that she lives in an elegant downtown condo by herself.

Who you may not want to have leaving your place in the morning…

Or she could come back to your place. Should you have tidied up before you left? What are your neighbours / roommates going to think about you bringing a random girl back home with you for the night.

What about when she leaves in the morning with her hair all fucked up wearing her dishevelled little party dress – she looks great dancing at the club at 1 am … but awful walking down your driveway at 10 am.

Plus my comment about her giving you syphilis wasn’t too far off the mark. You never know how low your standards may have dropped while you were drinking.

And there’s also a strong likelihood that you may not be the first guy she’s gone home with from a bar. Also, could you have been so drunk that you “forgot” to use a condom? Oh, fuck!

Maybe she’ll be your soulmate and you’ll get married. Is that what you went to the club looking for?

So just to summarize the pros and cons of picking up a random in a bar:

Pros: You won’t have to pay for it, you get to have a couple drinks and tunes first, she might be pretty and there is a one in a million chance you’ll fall in love with her. Sure.

Cons: What you don’t pay for in sex, you make up for on booze, in your drunken state you may end up sleeping with someone you wouldn’t normally touch, you might have to deal with the people she lives with, she may look like garbage leaving your place in the morning and she may give you a multitude of STI’s.

And did we mention, you might get her pregnant? Lovely!

There are always massage parlour attendants waiting to show you a good time…
On the other hand, when you’re looking to get your rocks off on a Friday or Saturday night, there are always the erotic massage parlours.

Some of the things that hold you back in your mind are that you don’t want to pay for it – ok – but more on that later. Also, you have your pride and don’t want to have to rely on someone who has to get intimate with you because it’s their job. And sometimes there might not be any girls available that you like.

These are all fair thoughts to have … But let’s look at them. Whether you pay for drinks at the bar or you pay for an erotic good time at the spa, you’re still out money – just one way won’t leave you hung over the next morning.

Would you rather cum onto her tits … or into an old sock?

With your pride, you have to ask yourself how it feels if you pick up no one at the club and have to go home and take care of yourself into a long folded up piece of toilet paper … that’s a little less sexy than a hot naked spa girl. And the idea that there might not be anyone you like … compared to who you may select at the bar when you’re two sheets to the wind??? Come on!!!

Upon closer inspection, these notions don’t really hold a lot of water.

Now let’s look at the pros of going to a body rub parlour when you’re looking for some last minute fun.

Picking your attendant from a lineup is always a good way to make sure you find one you’ll like.

There’s no doubt that massage parlour attendants (MPA’s) can be off the charts attractive. When you go to a spa without an appointment, they parade out all the ladies for you to choose from. You decide based on how they look. So each time a guy comes in, it’s a beauty contest to see who gets picked … and makes the money. So it’s in the ladies’ best financial interests to look as good as they can. And a lot of the time, they look pretty damned amazing.

Massage girls will always dress to get your attention!

Often they’ll wear incredible outfits – high heels, garters, lingerie, skimpy bikinis, naughty schoolgirl uniforms – the whole nine yards. They’ll always have makeup on that makes them look like movie stars and often have enhancements done that make them look like porn stars. Let’s face it, it’s competitive capitalism at its sexiest. Each girl is trying to look sexier than the last … just to appeal to you.

The advantage of paying for it is that …. you’re paying for it!

Another advantage for paying for the services is that you’re actually paying for the services. You pay the fee at the front desk and you know, without a doubt, that the beautiful girl you’ve chosen is going to take off all her clothes and you’ll take off all your clothes and she’ll make you cum. Sometimes, if you pay a little more, you get to choose the way in which she makes you cum. There’s no games around whether it’s going to happen or not – it’s going to happen. Sometimes more than once! You get what you came for – what you paid for!

Also, if you do get extras at a spa, most of the time they insist on protection. They want to keep themselves safe because they know the risks. And that keeps you safe. Plus, you are probably more sober than you would be if you went to the bar so you’re also less likely to be as reckless with your own health.

If she likes you, she’ll want to make sure you’ll come back for more…

Another thing to keep in mind is that with a spa girl, it’s her job to make you have an awesome time. And they tend to be very good at their job. Bar girls will probably do the basics … if they’re not too too drunk.

Another big plus for spa girls is that they want you to come back. A large part of their business is working with regular clients who they like, know and trust. If you’re clean and respectful, they’d rather have you book them again in the future than having to be picked out of another lineup by some unhygienic guy who wants a discount on everything … bareback! If she wants you as a regular, she’s gonna make you want to be a regular. In other words, she’s going to try to rock your world.

She’s going to want to give you the best session possible so you’ll tell everyone about her…

Now to take it one step further, she also knows that there’s a possibility that you may be an active member on some of the popular massage parlour review boards online. If she gives you a session that leaves you feeling disappointed, you might go to the forum and describe your lackluster session in detail. And that could be very bad for her business.

On the other hand, if she brings her erotic A-game and makes you scream in ecstasy on more than one occasion during your session, any reviews you might write could have new clients booking her up solid for months. And that’s always a good thing for her … And for you at the time of said screaming in ecstasy!

So, it’s fair to say she’s going to want to give you the best session imaginable. And that can only be good!

Your choice is pretty clear…

I think things here are pretty clear. On a Friday or Saturday night you have two last minute choices if you’re looking to get lucky: a girl at the bar for free whose appearance may not appeal to you once you sober up, who may drink half your money, who may embarass you leaving your home in the morning in her crumpled up party wear and who may just give you a burning STI (or worse) because you were both too drunk to think about protection and you’re not the first guy she’s gone home with from the bar.

Versus a girl whose livelihood depends on looking her best and providing you with the best safe erotic experience imaginable. And it’s all. About. You.

It’s all about you…

The choice is very clear – go to a massage parlour and have a beautiful girl make you cum … Often!

Until next time…

–D at @workinggirlssix

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I’m D, the Editor of the Twitter fan page Working Girls in the SiXXX (@workinggirlssixxx). Working Girls in the SiXXX (WG6) is dedicated to celebrating the Twitter content of the incredible Canadian sex worker community in all its beautiful glory. I am a male fan of the industry.