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The WG6 Gift Guide to Female Sex Toys

Hi all, The holidays are fast approaching. You need to buy gifts for family and friends, decorate, and pick out the perfect gift for your sexy significant other and/or your favourite gorgeous sex worker(s). Now, I’m gonna’ be straight up with you, Working Girls like to be treated to things they can use for themselves […]

The WG6 Top Ten Working Girl Outfits

One of the best parts of any session with any sex worker is that second when you first lay eyes on her. You take in how she looks, how she acts and what she’s wearing. For a lot of guys, a particular outfit is what makes or breaks a session. Today, I decided to have […]

WG6 Top Ten Public Places to Have Sex

Sex in public can be hot. It’s one of the most popular fetishes there are. And where you do it can make it that much more thrilling. (Find the right sex worker to do it with – chef’s kiss!) Today, we’re going to list our Top Ten Public Places to Have Sex. Let me know […]

Is Prostitution Immoral?

A while back, I ran a survey on my Twitter page asking married men if they feel guilty about seeing sex workers behind their spouses’ backs. About two thirds felt very little to no guilt. But about one third felt guilty … some to the point of hating themselves. Now, I’m not a trained counsellor […]

The WG6 Top Ten Sexy Sci-Fi Franchise List

Hi all, Halloween is upon us this year. And now that lockdowns, isolations, and closures are starting to be a thing of the past, it’s kind of nice to start getting back to normal again. And with Halloween, part of that normal is seeing girls dressing as “Sexy” nurse / schoolgirl / nun / nerd […]

How to Get Started Seeing Sex Workers

Hi all, I’m quite certain a lot of you look at all of the incredible sex worker pics online on Twitter, Instagram, agency and spa websites and even here on discreetlist.ca.  You might even read reviews on the various review boards just for a tantalizing glimpse of what a session with a real life sex […]

WG6’s Top Ten TV Sitcom MILF’s

Hi all, Do you ever get nostalgic for your favourite old TV sitcoms? Or maybe you see ones on Netflix that came out before your time? You gotta’ admit – some of the moms on there were kinda’ hot! Right?!? Maybe made you a little tingly in the trousers…? So this week, I thought it […]

The Boo Bash

Hi all, I can’t even explain how thrilled I was when Aaliyah Vaughan from Fantasy Nights reached out to me to talk about their upcoming exclusive event. Today’s blog entry is enthusiastically about Fantasy Nights and their upcoming Boo Bash! Here’s what they had to say… WG6: “What is Fantasy Nights?” FANTASY NIGHTS: “Fantasy Nights […]

Review Boards – Friend or Foe?

One of the most controversial aspects of the sex worker community is review boards. Many guys swear by them. And many providers hate them with a passion. Today, we dig in to see what all the fuss is about. In Canada, there are a number of active review boards. Some focus on massage parlours. Some […]

How to Choose a New Provider?

Hi all, An incredible provider who blows your mind isn’t always easy to find. But, every so often, you do … And you don’t want to lose her. However, there are a lot of reasons why you may find yourself in the market for a new provider again. For one, this industry is very fluid. […]